How is the Ombud selected?

Under section 2 of the Ombud Act, a selection committee composed of:

  1. the Clerk of the Executive Council or their designate
  2. the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly or their designate
  3. a member of the judiciary, and
  4. a member of the university community develops a list of qualified candidates and submit a list of names to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

The Premier consults with the leaders of the other political parties having representation in the Legislative Assembly prior to selecting one of the qualified candidates from the selection committee’s list. 

The Ombud is an officer of the Legislative Assembly and is appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly.  Typically this takes the form of a motion on the floor of Legislative Assembly, as seen here at page 245:

The same procedure is used for the province’s Child and Youth Advocate and Commissioner of Official Languages.